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Hey there my friends !

My name is Cheryl Tho , I’m a Singapore based startup entrepreneur who is keen to connect and ultimately partner with fellow like-minded start-up entrepreneurs.

I live in Singapore and I have two grown children they are named Crystal & Nicholas. I love to travel and spend quality time with my family in addition to being around with some close friends. In my 20s, was an aerobic instructress and running two small studios and i have  hundreds of students with me, when i first take up this Aerobic course , I were trained by an Italian instructress named Glady Walker in Hong Kong and there after an Australian instructor in Australia. 

Well, my story is probably one that you have heard couple of times or you may have experienced a similar path as mine. 

I have always been curious about “how people able to earn money from home using the computer” and realised the only way to know is to learn from the network marketer so I decided to take up some basic Internet Marketing Courses , I have been trying to figure out how to make this Network Marketing thing happen. And I am happy to say that I have finally “solved the puzzles” and found “the secrets” to making money from home using the internet. Well, start in Network Marketing with an excellent team becomes the guarantee of victory.

It is an exciting time when you finally realise that you can have the true time freedom & financial freedom in your life in general and begin focusing on what really matters. To me what really matters in life is having healthy relationships with my family members and all my friends.

I got involved with Network Marketing for the first time it was in the 70s . That was at a time when things weren’t quite so automated. Everything had to be done the hard way, including product distribution to your prospects. Everything was quite labor intensive and time consuming and you were not able to leverage your time with systems.

Over the years I have been joining couples of  businesses but they were more into traditional way of doing business which does not match with my current life style. Till June 2010, I was introduced to a great company called Vemma and switched to iElken Hong Kong Online Business in March, 2016.

iElken is an online Global Business Networking registered under Elken International Hong Kong Limited.


Power To Conquer



iElken is a health & wellness company and it is also the most internet and social media friendly company. This company and business model is beyond perfect in my eyes. iElken has positioned itself to be a leader in the nutrition industry and has become a powerful mover and shaker with the network marketing industry in the past 20 years. And hard work pays off if you actually put effort into something.

Am gifted to have joined a team of successful like minded network marketers and business person who are working together to help each other and to help others build a residual income that can be achieved working part-time from home.

I also learned that network marketing is NOT just about recruit but managing inter-personal relationship with people as well. You build a good relationship with people and people WILL build the business and that result in your success.

iElken success is absolutely not a mystery whenever we understand network marketing success is often a product of adding value to others and creating relationships.


My First Product Experience : EL Marino Blanc

When i first joined iElken on March 2016, the first product that I consumed was El Marino Blanc, surprisingly,in just a short period of time, (less than a month’s time), El Marino Blanc has transformed my dull skin into a radiant & fairer complexion, firmer with reduced fine lines, since then,i have not stopped taking it and my skin now getting smoother each day.

Beauty from Within El Marino Blanc

Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT)
iMRT Camp 2016 Singapore


Currently I am learning about Natural Healing Therapy and activating my ISO Certificate in Applied Natural Healing from a local Wellness Academy. The 2 days intensive iMRT Camp which held on last weekend (15th-16th Oct ) had equipped me with the various skills required as a Molecular Reform Therapy Consultant, The MRT concept was the best investment I have ever made to know deeper about Nutrition. ( More about MRT Concept visit http://cheryltho.com/mrt-recommendation  )

Molecular Reform Therapy ( MRT) was established by the “Special Committee of Nutrients Investigation” The program focuses on re-balancing the cellular level via 4 targeted actions such as:

1. Cellular Balanced Nutrition

2. Oxygenation

3. Cellular Detoxification

4. Maintenance

By fixing the cells, diseases can be prevented and reversed. The health of the cells determines the health of the organs and the whole body.

My Life Goal & Dream

• Having simple and respected perfect life

• Happiness in what I do is also my goal in life

. My dream is to open a deaf and mute school

• My ultimate goal in life is to have financial freedom where I also have  lots of extra time for leisure, my family and helping people


Nothing Is Impossible With Cheryl


There might have been times in your life, may be even now , when you wonder how you’re going to pay your bills next month and the household basic expenses , or how you’re going to stretch your money until payday . And what if the company delay on paying you your pay cheque . After all , even the top entrepreneurs are worried about this treacherous economy.

Perhaps you’re even facing a challenge right now that you might get fired and get your final pay cheque by end of the month , the fear , the worried that caused you having trouble going to sleep only to wake up each morning with the same problem on your mind as yesterday.

Give yourself some reasons to go into business , for sure we all want to be our own boss and be successful , but lots of people wants to run things the way they see fit. To be financially free and have extra money and could manage their own time , spend long holidays with family anytime they wish to without reporting to the boss .

We all want to eliminate money worries for good , No more going to bed at night with all kind of stress and anxiety. Life is Beautiful .

Today, I would like to share with you an online work at home opportunity which I believe it has great potential for all the stay at home moms . A business for everyone, be you single woman with no kids, stay at home dad or retired grandparents.



Earn Extra Income At Leisure


You can position yourself right now together with a team of professional Top Leaders in the latest & fastest growing network industry.

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Cheryl has a generous spirit and is a positive individual. She is an extremely gifted at networking and is certainly a great leader who is not afraid to share her successful stories and methods.

Cheryl is sincere about helping others to change their life and pursue their dreams. She always shares her tools of trade selflessly to help her team members to progress. She is very professional in her approach and easy to work with.

I am extremely privileged to know Cheryl and look forward to forging a successful and long term collaborative partnership with her and her team.

Network Marketer Moon Loh

I have the pleasure to work with Cheryl when she joined Vemma in 2010. I admire her for having a big heart with full of compassion. She is always ready to help people and will go all out for the positive cause. She is also one of the most genuine and trust worthy person I have met so far.

Cheryl is a quick learner and is very versatile. She is always open to learning and is never selfish about sharing. Being a successful leader in Vemma. she has since built a sizable network and grooming more leaders now. I will recommend Cheryl anytime if you are looking for a good leader to follow.

Executive James Yap


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