BD7 Sensualite-BD7 Vanilla

BD7 Sensualite Chocolate Vanilla

BD7: SENSUALITE CHOCOLATE ( 16 X 15 Sachets ) + EL MARINO BLANC ( 9 X 30 Sachets ) (CV 412)


BD7: SENSUALITE VANILLA ( 16 X 15 Sachets ) + EL MARINO BLANC ( 9 X 30 Sachets ) (CV 412)


Experience the joys of a slim & trim figure with the Sensualite Meal Replacement Program.

Sensualite is a revolutionary meal replacement that works via the brain, neurons and digestive system. It helps to reduce body fat through 3 active ingredients – patented saffron extract that increases the serotonin level in our neuron system to help modulate our mood and appetite, non-GMO isolated soy protein to help reduce body fat and promote heart health, as well as soluble fiber to regulate blood glucose and help weight reduction.


Begin your journey to beauty with El Marino Blanc. Its exclusive formulation with Red Orange Complex, Viqua® Active with ADS® Nano Delivery and Collactive™ delivers 4 ways of protection for fairer, firmer, smoother and radiant skin. 

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