BM1EL Marino – MM3 Elfahex

El Marino Blanc and Elphahex


BM1: EL MARINO BLANC ( 2 X 30 Sachets ) CV 35


A Holistic Approach To Beautiful Skin. The basis of beautiful skin begins from within and is accompanied by a strong protection against external factors. El Marino Blanc provides a holistic approach to fairer and younger skin via: 3 Unique Technologies, 4 Ways of Protection, 5 Targeted Actions 

MM3: ELFAHEX ( 2 X 3O Capsules )  SET ( CV 35 )


ELFAHEX contains a patented ingredient, Mycelium Immuno Modulator Extract, or also known as MIME, that is extracted from mushrooms that has been researched to possess a high potency of polysaccharides in the form of ACETYLATED alpha-glucan. The patented cultivation process of ELFAHEX ensures that the identity of the MIME cells remain the same for our body’s easy absorption.

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