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How To Get Paid in iElken

The Power Of Online Business And Binary Marketing Plan

To be healthy, wealthy, happy and successful in any and all areas of your life you need to be aware that you need to think healthy, wealthy, happy and successful thoughts. iELKEN which created by ELKEN will grow faster and more secure via of online global business and binary compensation plan compare to ELKEN which doing its business only in direct-selling. Binary compensation plans have become the best option of start up multilevel marketing companies. From the distributors’ standpoint, binaries have a lot more of sizzle. They are relatively simple to understand and offer fast-paced growth opportunities. Companies find them attractive for the same reasons.

 What Is Binary Marketing Plan Mean To NEW Member

A binary plan is a multilevel marketing compensation plan which allows distributors to have only two front-line distributors. If a distributor sponsors more than two distributors,the excess are placed at levels below the sponsoring distributor’s front-line. This“spillover” is one of the most attractive features to new distributors since they need only sponsor two distributors to participate in the compensation plan. 

iELKEN BONUSES ( In absolute value of local currency )


Once you sign up as an iElken member, you are able to purchase Elken Products for personal use at a Gross Member Price (GMP). As a member, you are able to resell Elken Products to customers at Customers Retail Price (CRP) and earn a customer retail profit immediately.

iElken retail profit


2:   WELCOME BONUS (WB) 15% – 5%

As a BA or higher ( Valid iElken membership ), you are eligible to enjoy Welcome Bonus when your direct or first indirect downline in the sponsor tree purchase a welcome pack. There is no limit to how many times you can enjoy Welcome Bonus

To qualify, you must have :-

*Minimum 60cv/higher in any of the 52 weeks

*Achieved a minimum rank of Brand Ambassador & higher with valid iElken membership.


( Silver BA 2 Levels, Gold BA 3 Levels, Platinum BA 4 Levels, Diamond BA 5 Levels )


iElken Welcome bonus


3:   TEAM BONUS (TB) 15% 

To qualify, you must have formed your iElken Tri-Formation with a minimum qualified  rank of Brand Ambassador. ( e.g  Sponsored minimum 2 active BA & higher 1L/1R).

The Team Bonus is then paid based on the percentage of the team bonus actually achieved, multiplied by the PAID-LEG Group Commissionable volume (GCV).

Team Bonus Payout = % TB Achievement X PAY-LEG GCV.

( The LEG with less GCV will be set as PAY-LEG for each commissionable week )


iElken Team Bonus



4:   MENTOR BONUS (MB) 15%-5% 

The Mentor Bonus is designed to reward you being a team leader and is based on your Sponsor Tree. The Payout is based on your qualified rank each Commissionable Week, and the income of Team bonus from your sponsored downlines.

To qualify, you must have formed your iElken Tri-Formation with a minimum qualified rank of Star Diamond. 


iElken Mentor Bonus


A ” generation ” is based upon roll down concept which stop at a qualified Star Diamond and higher in each sponsor line

iElken Mentor Bonus



Every Commissionable Week, you will get shares based on your qualified rank on that week.

iElken Quarterly Dividend


Here are the numbers of shares each qualified rank can earn.

iElken Quarterly Dividend shares


Each quarter, the system will calculate your total shares, divided by the company total shares,  and multiplied by 3% of CV from total iELKEN business which makes up your Quarterly Dividend.


iElken quarterly dividend shares

Quarterly commission are paid 21 days after the end of each quarter period  

( Jan-Mar *Apr-Jun *July-Sept *Oct-Dec = Quarter Period )


Five Types of Bonuses at a Glance


5 Ways to Earn in iElken


iElken Retail Profit



Welcome Bonus



welcome bonus




iElken Mentor Bonus



iElken Quarterly Dividend


Bonus Qualification Criteria at a Glance

This Chart allows you to see qualified ranks and bonuses you are entitled to in each rank
iElken Ranking chart


iElken Ranks & Income

Full-time Part-time On-line




Your life-changing decision begins here. Make that first move to be an iElken Independent Business Owner (IBO) and achieve your ultimate potential in life.

1. Enrol in the iElken Online Business:
Enroll and purchase the iElken Welcome Pack and become an iElken Brand Ambassador to start enjoying quality Elken products at member price.

2. Share Your Story

Share your Elken products and stories. Invite friends and enrich lives together at Elken. Receive a Welcome Bonus whenever your friends purchase a Welcome Pack.

3. Grow Your Team

Continue to enrol new customers and business partners. With your team’s passion and combined effort to build your network, your team can meet all the requirements to earn the weekly Team Bonus as well as commissions and other bonuses.

4. Build Your Global Business Empire

With the right tools and training, you can coach and mentor your team members to follow in your successful footsteps and build their own networks. You can achieve higher goals and see your earnings multiply with the Mentor Bonus and Quarterly Dividends.