MG7: ELFAHEX ( 8 X 30 Capsules ) + ELFAHEX ( 30 Capsules ) ( FOC ) SET ( CV 140 )


ELFAHEX contains a patented ingredient, Mycelium Immuno Modulator Extract, or also known as MIME, that is extracted from mushrooms that has been researched to possess a high potency of polysaccharides in the form of ACETYLATED alpha-glucan. The patented cultivation process of ELFAHEX ensures that the identity of the MIME cells remain the same for our body’s easy absorption.

HG1: BIO PURE K200 + PRE FILTER ( FOC ) SET ( CV 147 )

Perfectly Pure Water

Bio Pure K-200 is a 5-stage reverse osmosis purification system. Its patented system removes virtually all types of contaminants including viruses as small as 0.0001 micron. 

Bio Pure K-Series is the only system in Asia that uses the most advanced Reverse Osmosis water purification technology. This system has been awarded the only WQA-S300 Gold Seal certification in Asia, and one of the only four companies in the world! 

Perfect Flexibility

* Water Temperature: Normal & Hot 

* Reservoir Capacity: Normal : 4.3L ± 0.5L, Hot : 1.6L ± 0.2L 

* Reservoir Material: Normal : ABS Food Grade, Hot : Stainless Steel 

* Production Rate: 8L – 10L per hour  * Dimension: W260 x D470 x H510 (mm)  * Net Weight: 14.8kg 

* Power Consumption: Malaysia 480W, Singapore 440W – 520W 

Bio Pure K-200 offers:

• Extended warranty up to 2 years

• Superb Value – only a few cents per liter

• Energized Water – smaller water molecule clusters help enhance the body’s cell metabolism and boost nutrient delivery

• Great Tasting Water – odour free water that tastes great for everyone • Peace of Mind – backed by the largest after-sales service network in Southeast Asia

• No Questions Asked (NQA) policy for 3 months

Pre-Sediment Filter Set

Eliminates minute particles as small as 5 microns to prolong the lifespan of the filters and membrane.