MRT Recommendation


MRT Health Recommendation Package


MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package

MRT Health Recommendation Package


Elken Spirulina

WorldWide Recognitions Quality Assurance

Livextra Nitric Oxide

Elfahex- Mycelium Extract

CELJOY Go -Collagen Type II


Ionized Calcium- Calmax

Fujita Lactose

El Marino Blance

Sensualite- Burn Visceral Fats

Kington Isotonic- Life Plasma


Vitamin C- Ester C500

IG6- Colostrum

AOII -Contains 1000 times More Oxygen than Tap Water

LD Venus Gold

Phytomaz- against 5 types of Free Radicals

BIOPure k- Series

Comparison of various water treatment methods in the market-Elken-Top 1%

BioSafe Plasma Detoxifier

Arosa Oil- Guasa

Elysyle Body Shaper

Eternal Beauty

Elysyle SkinCare

Everyday food & beverages




Elken Spirulina contains over 60 types of natural nutrients

Including 46 essential nutrients. Rich concentration of nutrients like protein (amino acids),vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, phycocyanin and xanthophyll

*Cholesterol-free protein source that is alkaline-forming 




Kington Minerale

Many modern day diseases such as tiredness, stress, and hormonal imbalance can trace back to insufficient minerals in the body. As our body cannot produce minerals, we have to consume bio-available minerals from our diet. However, food today contains very little minerals and nutrients as the minerals in the soil have been used up and wash off into the sea.

Kington Isotonic

Kington Life Plasma

Used for Over 100 Years, Backed by 200 clinical tests and reports.*

Discovered by Rene Quinton, a well-known French scientist. Kington Isotonic is a marine solution harvested from an Exclusive Plankton Bloom near a Vortex formation in an unpolluted part of the ocean. It is processed through a proprietary process to preserve its natural composition and is recommended for general health. Contains 83 types of bio-available minerals. Restores the internal terrain back to a balanced state and improves overall cellular health.


Elken Phytomaz has 7 colours of fruits & Vegetables for protection of our body.

  1. Red Beneficial for People who Frequently Eat out (High in fat and salt, processes food)
  2. GreenBeneficial for Senior Citizens ( gastrointestinal discomfort, problems with digestion)
  3. Yellow– Beneficial for Weight Watchers (Overweight,diffuclty for lose weight)
  4. Green– Beneficial for Computer Users (people who stay up all night, work long hours or are exhausted)
  5. Blue – Beneficial for Students (low energy levels, inabilitity to concentrate)
  6. White – Beneficial for Smokers (dry lips and mouth, sallow complexion)
  7. 7. Purple _ Beneficial for Beauty Lovers ( dry skin, dull complexion)

     35 Types of Organic Fruits and Vegetables with 5 Dimensional Defence



Elken EPA DHA is an essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids supplement for healthy heart and brain.

 Each EPA DHA capsule contains 1000mg of fish oil with 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA. EPA DHA has undergone the Molecular Distillation process to produce a higher grade of fish oil that is more pure as it removes heavy metals, pollutants, impurities and environmental toxins.

It is a natural extract of deep sea telestoid fish from the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea. This marine fish oil has Omega 3 PUFA which contains EPA, DHA and other essential nutrients.

It is manufactured with double Molecular Distillation produces a higher grade of fish oil that is more pure as it removes heavy metals, pollutants, impurities and environmental toxins.

Fujita Lactose-S Clean and Healthy Intestines Colon. Cleansing Formulation from Japan.

Each sachet contains 1 billion Bifidus bacteria, a probiotic that produces lactic acid which helps lower colon pH and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. It helps increase the population of good bacteria and restore colon health. It also assists to minimise occurrence of constipation by promoting the release of gas via natural lactose fermentation to enlarge intestinal walls and encourage elimination of toxic waste. Fujita Lactose-S prevents toxin reabsorption into the body by: Eliminating accumulated toxins Eliminating lodged coprostasis (stubborn stools)


ELFAHEX contains a patented ingredient, Mycelium Immuno Modulator Extract, or also known as MIME, that is extracted from mushrooms that has been researched to possess a high potency of polysaccharides in the form of ACETYLATED alpha-glucan. The patented cultivation process of ELFAHEX ensures that the identity of the MIME cells remain the same for our body’s easy absorption.


LIVEXTRA is a holistic formulation that combines L-Arginine with a variety of health ingredients to give optimal support to your body system.

LIVEXTRA is the world’s first proprietary blend for cardio-cerebrovascular health. It is based on the scientific research of Professor Ferid Murad, co-recipient of Nobel Prize in Medicine (1998) on Nitric Oxide. Professor Feird Murad is also the director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine.  LIVEXTRA contains: L-Arginine (Pharmaceutical/Purest grade). Probiotic CoQ10 (Patent No. 6,806,069 & 6,867,024). Vitamins B6, B12, E & Beta Carotene.

LIVEXTRA is formulated to promote healthy blood vessels, blood pressure, blood lipid level, blood flow and heart and brain functions. It does this through L-Arginine, which boosts the production of nitric oxide in our body.  



Dr Xeniji : Unleash Your Inner Potential


Supported by Over 50 Clinical Studies

Dr-Xeniji contains more than 50 types of fruits and vegetables and Muscovado sugar which are broken down through a complete fermentation process over 1,000 days into a broad spectrum of bio-active micro-fine nutrients and enzyme catalysts. With efficient nutrient absorption, Dr-Xeniji boosts catalytic functions to enhance overall metabolism for efficient energy production, utilization and promotes a healthy gut system. It is supported by over 50 clinical studies conducted by 16 independent bodies and healthcare providers.

ELG6 Colostrum   Colostrum for maximum immunoglobulin

ELG6 Colostrum is collected within the first milking after the birth of a calf. This all-natural food is offering the highest source of immunoglobulins which are beneficial to our bodies. It provides a perfect balance of both Immune and Growth Factors, necessary to activate more than 50 processes in the body, ranging from immunity to regeneration and growth of all cell types.

A Holistic Approach To Beautiful Skin – EL Marino Blanc

The basis of beautiful skin begins from within and is accompanied by a strong protection against external factors. El Marino Blanc provides a holistic approach to fairer and younger skin via: 3 Unique Technologies 4 Ways of Protection 5 Targeted Actions.




Sensualite is a revolutionary meal replacement. See the Difference Feel the Confidence Look Slimmer, Feel Lighter With Sensualite Meal Replacement via:

3 Technologies: Saffron Extract, Isolated Soy Protein, Soluble Fiber.

3 Benefits: Reduces Appetite, Reduces Visceral Fat, Reduces Body Weight.

Eternal Beauty

 With 4 technologies in 1 device, Eternal Beauty is an award-winning, first-of-its-kind beauty and health massager in Asia Pacific that harmonizes nature with science by using naturally-occurring bio materials. 

Anion – Also known as air vitamins, anions neutralize releases antioxidants to retard signs of ageing, hydrate skin, brighten dull complexions and lighten pigmentation marks.

Germanium – Easily penetrates skin cells to neutralize the imbalance of ions on skin to prevent premature ageing while energizing skin

Ultrasound/Sonic Vibration – Provides vibration and foaming actions to deep cleanse and exfoliate, reduce wrinkles and sagging, break down cellulite and improve muscle tone.


The spirit of total beauty is reflected in the ELYSYLE brand name, pronounced as ‘a-li-sir’. ELYSYLE is a palindrome, a word that can be read in either forward or reverse direction. This symbolises that beauty is achieved both ways: from the outside in, and also from the inside out.

What ELYSYLE believes in is beauty from head to toe – from what you apply on your face, to the diet you practice, to the lingerie you wear. The ELYSYLE label comprises Body Shaping Foundation Lingerie, Expert Skincare Solutions, Beauty Device, Cosmo Food and Personal Care.

Each product combines Asian elements or ingredients with Western know-how and technology, to produce only the best experience with unsurpassed results. Unlike many other beauty brands, which are created with Caucasian skin in mind, ELYSYLE prides itself with its extensive range of head-to-toe beauty products that are tailor-made for everyone.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

UPII Double Cleansing (100g) 

Dissolves water and oil-based impurities to remove dirt and make-up. Keeps skin soft and smooth. Retains skin moisture to leave skin feeling hydrated and refreshment.

UPII Balancing Lotion (150ml)

Maintains skin’s ideal pH level. Protects skin against ageing. Prepares skin for the maximum absorption of moisturising and nourishing ingredients.

UPII Essence Crème Lotion (80ml)

Deliver moisturising and nutritious ingredients to the cells. Provides anti-ageing protection and lasting hydration throughout the day 

UPII Deep Care Conc (180ml)

Boost skin’s optimum moisture levels. Remove dead skin cells. Enhance skin radiance.

UPII Excellent Crème (25g)

  • Fortified with 4 times concentration of Genesteine-S and Bio Amino complex
  • Helps to repair and renew the skin during the night with nourishing active ingredients that helps to ;significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time

Elysyle UPII Massage Crème (80g)

Elysyle UPII Massage Crème is exclusively formulated to help promote skin’s self-repairing power and significantly reduce dryness & wrinkles, While providing your skin with a vitality charge. This luxurious yet soft touch massage crème with patented Genesteine-S is further fortified with 4 special active ingredients, leaving skin glowing with natural radiance, suppleness and elasticity from within.

DX Verve Long Set

Feminine Sexiness with Revolutionary Comfort

DX uses Body Line Scan technology and pressure measuring apparatus to compute 3D-angles of the human body. It then determines the ideal contact force for different body parts for optimal shaping effect and comfort. Powerful computerized design software and Computer Aided Manufacturing processes then create a virtual ergonomic model with computerized data for high-speed precision-cutting of fabric. Additionally, each DX set requires 156 different stitching processes under the expertise of 81 experienced seamsters.

Experience the power of transformation with DX and own a perfect silhouette today!


BRASSIERE SIZE : A , B , C , D , E , 65 , 70 , 75 , 80 , 85 , 90 , 95 , 100, F , 65 ,  70 , 75 , 80 , 85 , 90 , G , 70 , 75 , 80 , 85 , H , 75 , 80 , 85
WAIST NIPPER , BODY SHAPER , LONG GIRDLE  SIZE : 58 ,64 , 70 , 76 , 82 , 90 , 98 , 106
PANTIES SIZE : M , L , 2L , 3L

Elysyle Arm Shaper  Sculpting the Perfect Silhouette. Arm yourself with confidence

Combining luxurious textures with functional style and revolutionary

technology, this arm shaper delivers visible results immediately.

Look slimmer and sleeker without having to resort to invasive techniques to hide or get rid of flabby upper arms.

SIZE : 70 , 75 ,80 , 85 , 90 , 95 , 100 ,105

BIO PURE K-SERIES : Perfectly Pure Water

Bio Pure K-Series uses an advanced 5-stage Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Purification System to remove virtually all types of contaminants, including bacteria and viruses, to produce perfectly pure drinking water (H2O).

NSF58 Certified RO Membrane

Certified by NSF to reduce contaminants including arsenic, barium, chromium, cadmium, copper, lead and radium.


Bio Pure K-400 heralds a new era of water purifiers where functionality fuses with ergonomics. Herein lies stylish practicality, combining an alluring countertop feature with an irresistible 3-temperature option. Bio Pure K-400 saves space without sacrificing a single element that has made the Bio Pure range of water purifiers a distinctive multiple award-winning brand. Pure, life-energizing water. Hot, cold or normal temperatures. From your counter top all day long.


Safeguard your family now, with biosafe’s unmatched benefits. Biosafe uses the ONLY patented plasma technology. It kills 99.9% of common bacteria and fungi within 8-15 minutes. It decomposes 99.9% of pesticides, within minutes. The micro bubbles generated have more surface area for better and more effective detoxifying and sterilizing results. Powerful deodorizing effects.


NOA Limited Edition 16.75

The N.O.A brand’s first collection and the most representative to date, the 16.75 is named after the year the balance-spring was invented. It single-handedly embodies the daring and contemporary nature of the N.O.A brand. This timepiece features raised hour-markers and Roman numerals on the flange in a bold colour creating a striking contrast with an understated dial. A successful blend of Italian style and Swiss know-how.



Exclusive Limited Edition Stainless Steel Diamond-Studded Timepiece In Commemoration of Elken’s 20th Anniversary.