Molecular Reform Therapy


Molecular Reform Therapy?

The Molecular Reform Therapy, also known as MRT, is a self-health management program that focuses on cellular nutrition. Unlike medication that attempts to eliminate illness symptoms, MRT concentrates on tackling the root cause of diseases at the cellular level. It endeavors to provide the body with 4 basic elements to achieve optimal health, namely adequate food, oxygen, pure water and a healthy mindset. To ensure these basic elements are met, Elken MRT products are categorized into the 4 steps of: Balanced Nutrition, Increased Oxygen Intake, Detoxification, Health Regulation.

Elken Molecular Reform Therapy: Transforming your Health, One Cell at a Time.

In a modern society, we are commonly exposed to environmental toxins, polluted water, chronic stress, irregular lifestyle patterns, processed and nutrient-depleted foods. It is an affliction that many of us are further away from being healthy and wellness.

‘Minor’ health issues such as low energy levels, poor sleep, regular headaches, digestive discomfort, joint pain and skin problems are now considered to be ‘normal’. Many of us have lost sight of what it means to be truly healthy.

Although they may be common in so many people, these ‘minor’ health complaints are far from normal. They are a clear sign of imbalances in the body, and if left ignored, these imbalances eventually manifest themselves as far more serious health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and cognitive decline.

So just how do we avoid these minor health complaints and return to our natural state of optimum health? According to Elken Molecular Reform Therapy, the innovative health solution that is helping people all around the world reclaim their health, the answer lies within our cells.

Healthy cells for a healthy body 

Elken Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) is built on a simple concept. To have a healthy body, one must have healthy cells. The human body is composed of trillions of microscopic cells, which provide the building blocks that make us human. If a house was built with inferior bricks, would it stand tall for long? Humans face the exact same predicament – when built with unhealthy cells, it is no surprise that the resulting body is unhealthy too.

Sadly, many components of our modern lifestyle contribute directly to unhealthy cells. Poor dietary and lifestyle habits and a current environment filled with industrial pollutants causes significant damage to our cells. And when our cells are damaged, they do not function correctly, thus preventing us from achieving optimum wellness.

Nonetheless, just as cells can be damaged, they can also be repaired. Elken Molecular Reform Therapy was created to help repair damaged cells and provide the foundations for a truly healthy body. Unlike the vast majority of modern medicine that treats only the symptoms of the disease, MRT identifies the root cause of the disease at a cellular level and helps to restore healthy cellular function. Healthy cells create a healthy body – just as we were designed to be.

MRT for optimum health 

To create healthy cells and achieve optimum well-being, Elken Molecular Reform Therapy focuses on four core elements; Balanced Nutrition, Increased Oxygen Intake, Detoxification, and Health Regulation. These four elements form the foundations of healthy cells and are therefore the four principles addressed in Molecular Reform Therapy.

Here is an overview of the four principles of MRT, and how they are used to achieve optimum well-being on a cellular level.

#1 – Balanced Nutrition 

Did you know that in 6 weeks from now, you will be made up of an entirely different composition of cells than you are today? Every single cell that now forms your body will have divided and regenerated into a new one. Which is why it is of vital importance that you provide your cells with the right balance of nutrients to work to the best of their ability.

‘Balanced Nutrition’ includes a balance of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and fibre, along with all 46 essential nutrients that we must consume through our food because our body does not produce them naturally. These vitamins and minerals nourish and support out cells, and in turn, help to create a healthy body.

The nutritional philosophy of Molecular Reform Therapy was built on the findings of DR. Ragnar Berg, a world renowned nutritionist and Nobel Prize winner. He was one of the first advocators of maintaining an alkaline PH through diet. DR. Berg said that humans should eat a diet made up of 80% alkaline and 20% acid foods, which will create an environment that prevents the development of the disease.

To achieve the correct acid/alkaline balance, DR. Berg promoted a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables. Dr Berg carried out many comprehensive experiments on fresh foods and demonstrated how nutrients can be lost during cooking. He found that vegetables lost one-third of their minerals when exposed to heat, and, crucially, up to 94% of what he referred to as ‘alkaline salts.’ The absence of which resulted in a build-up of acid in the body. Dr. Berg was one of the first nutritionists to encourage a diet high in raw and alkaline foods – dietary practices which are adopted today by some of the healthiest people on the planet.

#2 – Increased Oxygen 

Oxygen is a life sustaining, essential element for human life. Every cell in our body requires it to survive. Oxygen eliminates toxins, powers our muscles, repairs our cells, feeds our brains and calms our nerves. It is, quite literally, the fuel that runs our body.

But today’s environment, filled with modern pollutants and with less green spaces than ever before, makes it hard to get enough pure oxygen into our cells. Step 2 of Elken Molecular Reform Therapy improves our oxygen intake, thus providing our cells with the fuel that they need to thrive.

#3 – Detoxification 

The third stage of MRT is detoxification, whereby we assist the body in the removal of toxins that can accumulate in our cells. Our body is constantly being exposed to toxins in everyday life, through the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, and the water that we drink. Through regular detoxification, we help prevent the build-up of toxic substances in the body and hinder them from binding to our cells.

#4 – Health Regulation 

Once cellular health has been restored through Balanced Nutrition, Increased Oxygen and Detoxification, the fourth and final step to optimum wellness is Health Regulation. Health Regulation is a targeted treatment for specific bodily systems, such as the digestive system or the skeletal system and helps to ensure that these systems are working to their full potential.

Why use MRT? 

Trusted by thousands worldwide, MRT is the only healthcare solution that targets the true building blocks of good health – your cells. When our cells are healthy and nourished, our body responds with vibrant energy, mental clarity, vigour and vitality. MRT provides the answer to the many healthcare questions that modern life has created. With Elken MRT, you can at last be truly healthy.